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I highly recommend that any farmer at least seeks Mare Creek Farm's advice on the process. From what I have experienced they not only managed my new farm’s applications but also dramatically increased the funding we received which more than covered the cost of the new service. Without a doubt, a must do!”

Farmer/Bee Keeper, Kentucky

“As first time Honey Bee farmers we knew that we could not begin to navigate this journey on our own. A friend told us about the outstanding services Mare Creek Farms provides for farmers. From the moment we met with the Mare Creek Farms team we knew the investment would be priceless! Other than being making the decision where to sell our honey, we didn’t lift a finger in the entire process. From applying to FDA, to permitting, to writing business proposals and preparing company statements, to test prep, to meeting deadlines, our new venture had professionals making sure we got it right. We will make sure our other two daughters have the same advantage!”

Farmer/Micro Farm Land Lease, Indiana

“With Mare Creek Farms, we are excited about the next year for our family, which is a much better approach than the fear and dread we were experiencing.”

Farmer/Agricultural Drone, Tennessee

“After using Mare Creek Farms services for our son, it’s not a question of “if” we will be signing up with Mare Creek Farms for our next three children (ages 13, 16, and 18); it’s a question of “when”. It has been the best money we ever spent on them.”

Farmer/Aquaponics, Ohio

“I needed a professional, and I got an adviser, friend, mentor and someone who always believed in me. Thank you Mare Creek Farms. You’re the best!”

Farmer/No Till, Kentucky

“It was hard to listen to my parents in this out dated world of "This is how we have always done it", I was so glad to have Class 101 on my team, to be the middle person and my advocate.”

Farmer/Farm Management, Ohio

“I just made over $170,000 from improving my existing resources into Passive Income opportunites. Best investment of my life.”

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